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Meet Aventurine: Honkai Star Rail’s New Shield Hero

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Aventurine, a captivating character in Honkai: Star Rail, remains enigmatic and veiled in secrecy. Recently, players got a glimpse of him in a trailblaze continuance quest, and anticipation is high for his forthcoming debut in patch 2.0. Leaks indicate that he will be a playable preservation character with the ability to shield allies and attract enemy attention.

Key Points about Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail: – Aventurine holds a significant role in the Strategic Investment Department of the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC), implying a position of authority within the organization. – His presence is briefly felt at the conclusion of the “Jolted Awake from a Winter Dream” main quest in the “Trailblaze Continuance” chapter, where he communicates with another IPC employee named Topaz. Their dialogue hints at his involvement in the upcoming content, particularly in Penacony.Aventurine is rumored to be associated with the enigmatic Ten Stonehearts group in the IPC, and there are speculations about encountering him during Penacony’s storyline in the game. Despite limited exposure, Aventurine’s interactions with Topaz hint at a potentially significant role in upcoming plot developments.

His kit, which was leaked during a pre-launch beta, suggests that Aventurine will be the second limited preservation character after Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail. Here’s a glimpse of Aventurine’s abilities:

Aventurine’s basic attack deals imaginary damage equivalent to his defense.

His skill provides all allies with an exclusive shield that can absorb damage based on a percentage of Aventurine’s defense. The shield comes with a random suit and lasts for a certain number of turns. Refreshing the skill enhances the shield value for allies, but it cannot absorb damage beyond a certain limit.

Aventurine’s ultimate ability grants him a random amount of energy points, followed by dealing imaginary damage based on a percentage of his defense.

These details about Aventurine’s abilities and potential role in the game have stirred anticipation among players eagerly awaiting his official introduction.When Aventurine’s exclusive shield is attacked by any ally, it will accumulate energy. A Spades shield will accumulate a certain amount of energy, while any other suits will only accumulate a single energy point. Once the energy points reach 6, Aventurine will refresh all suits of all allies and increase his own defense by a certain percentage, lasting for a specific number of turns. After this, Aventurine can consume all 6 energy points to perform a series of follow-up attacks, dealing imaginary damage equal to a percentage of Aventurine’s defense to a random enemy target on the field for each attack. The maximum energy accumulation is 10.

In the next battle, Aventurine receives a shield equal to a percentage of Aventurine’s defense and increases the chances of being attacked by enemy targets. This effect lasts for a certain number of turns.

Aventurine Eidolons:

E1: After using the ultimate, Aventurine receives a buff that increases the chances of being attacked by enemy targets. Additionally, when he obtains a suit, it will definitely be spades. This effect lasts for a specific number of turns.

E2: When using a skill, Aventurine increases the chances of debuff resist of all allies by a certain percentage, lasting for a certain number of turns.

E3: Ultimate level +2, until level 15; basic attack level +1, until level 10.

E4: After using a basic attack, Aventurine will deal an extra imaginary damage equal to a percentage of all allies’ shield value. This can only trigger again after a certain number of turns.

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